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 +====== HP Photosmart 6510 teardown =======
 +//Note: see [[hp_photosmart_6510|HP Photosmart 6510]] for the printer specs.//
 +The axis of a gear broke after having put stapled sheets of paper in the printer. It was a 15 mm long plastic rod (diam 1/8").
 +I made a hole where it broke and then bought a 1 m long replacement plastic rod (no less) with approximately the same diameter. As it was a bit wider (diam 0.4 mm), I had to enlarge the hole in the plastic base and in the gear.
 +This is the plastic part that broke. I glued the new rod (that I cut) in the hole.
 +{{ :​teardown_hp_photosmart_e6510_20140413_134816.jpg?​400 |New plastic rod in the center}}
 +Now, the teardown.
 +You will need T8, T9 Torx and Philips screwdrivers. Screws are highlighted in yellow in the following pictures.
 +Open the printer, detach the scanner and remove the 8 screws :
 +{{ :​teardown_hp_photosmart_e6510_20140413_141322_screws.jpg?​400 |Cover: 8 screws}}
 +Remove the cables (screen, speaker) and the rollers cover.
 +To reach the gear, you will have to remove the cartridge carrier and the stabilizer bar (2 screws on the left and two screws on the right) :
 +{{ :​teardown_hp_photosmart_e6510_20140413_170132_screws.jpg?​400 |Stabilizer bar: 2 screws on the left}}
 +{{ :​teardown_hp_photosmart_e6510_20140413_170138_screws.jpg?​400 |Stabilizer bar: 2 screws on the right}}
 +Remove the rollers.
 +The gear (left of the printer) is attached with one screw:
 +{{ :​teardown_hp_photosmart_e6510_20140413_164822_screw.jpg?​400 |Gear: one screw}}
 +Printer internal overview: the Broadcom Wi-Fi card is on the top left, the gears are removed.
 +{{ :​teardown_hp_photosmart_e6510_20140413_164510.jpg?​400 |Printer internal overview}}
 +The now-repaired piece of plastic (in white):
 +{{ :​teardown_hp_photosmart_e6510_20140413_144725.jpg?​400 |Repaired gears}}
 +Note: I forgot two screws in the process, I can't find where they come from...
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