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HP Photosmart 6510 teardown

Note: see HP Photosmart 6510 for the printer specs.

The axis of a gear broke after having put stapled sheets of paper in the printer. It was a 15 mm long plastic rod (diam 1/8“). I made a hole where it broke and then bought a 1 m long replacement plastic rod (no less) with approximately the same diameter. As it was a bit wider (diam 0.4 mm), I had to enlarge the hole in the plastic base and in the gear.

This is the plastic part that broke. I glued the new rod (that I cut) in the hole. New plastic rod in the center

Now, the teardown.

You will need T8, T9 Torx and Philips screwdrivers. Screws are highlighted in yellow in the following pictures.

Open the printer, detach the scanner and remove the 8 screws : Cover: 8 screws

Remove the cables (screen, speaker) and the rollers cover.

To reach the gear, you will have to remove the cartridge carrier and the stabilizer bar (2 screws on the left and two screws on the right) : Stabilizer bar: 2 screws on the left

Stabilizer bar: 2 screws on the right

Remove the rollers.

The gear (left of the printer) is attached with one screw: Gear: one screw

Printer internal overview: the Broadcom Wi-Fi card is on the top left, the gears are removed. Printer internal overview

The now-repaired piece of plastic (in white): Repaired gears

Note: I forgot two screws in the process, I can't find where they come from…

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